Mentor Version

Announcing the new Mentor Version From AME (Apprenticeship/Mentorship/Entrepreunership),

Generations With Vision, and The Business Course.

If you are a business person or have a heart for mentoring then this version of the course is for you. Each of the 16 online sessions is divided into several parts so that you can lead a group through the course. A  downloadable mentor manual gives you discussion questions to ask during each section of the sessions.





Over 17 hours of HD Video teaching including covering these topics:

  • Why you should start a business?
  • How to choose a business if you don’t know what to do
  • How to legally structure your business … and much more

The mentor version is sold on a per-mentor basis and you have lifetime access to the course to teach to as many small groups as you wish.

There is no email tutoring included with this version.


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