These are the most frequently asked questions:

How is this course delivered?

ANSWER – Everything is online.  You log into a membership area with your assigned user name and password.  You then select the session you want to take from the menu.  The course is delivered in HD video with a combination of lecture and on-screen demonstration (the student watches the teacher’s computer screen). All notes and resources are posted for easy download.

How old do you have to be to enroll in this course?

ANSWER – It is designed for the “Next Generation” young adults 9th grade and older.   Young couples and families may take this course together and the tuition charged is per family not per student.

Do I have to start a business as a requirement for completion?

ANSWER – NO – All the skills necessary will be taught so that the student could start a business, but there is no requirement of actually starting a business in order to complete the course.

When do I take the classes – do I have to take them at any particular rate?

ANSWER – The course is available on-demand so you set your own schedule.  You can take the course at the day and hour of your choosing.  Go as fast or slow as you wish.

Are there opportunities to interact with the instructor?

ANSWER – YES  – with the STANDARD VERSION–   When you register for the Standard Version you get  basic email tutoring included for as long as your membership is active.  You can also choose to purchase the lifetime membership access or th 12-month annual plan.   Questions can be asked any time, but answers are given within 48 business hours (i.e. if you ask a question Friday night you will get an answer no later than Tuesday night).

For those enrolled in the MENTOR VERSION email tutoring is NOT included, but you should get most questions you need answered through the mentor you have arranged to help you with the course.

Are there any required course materials?

ANSWER –  The course materials for the lectures will be available for download during the designated class sessions.  There will be some recommended reading resources for further study during the off weeks.  Most of those items will be available at your local library or for a nominal cost at a book store.  A list of reading materials will be provided after registration.

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