High School Students Can Now Learn How To Start Their Own Business From Concept To Implementation

Business Course Home School Curriculum

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The Business Course is a Home School Curriculum for High School Students (9th grade and up) that teaches the student how to start their own business.  This home school course is taught online by John Hunt, who is an award-winning business author and coach.  He has a passion for teaching people how to start and market their own business.  He is also a home-school father of four. This high school level home school curriculum is available to take over a 32 week school year with on line teaching via webcast and video approximately every other week.

Here are some highlights From The Business Course Home School Curriculum:

 Discovering your passion for business and understanding the biblical concept of dominion

Understanding the financial side of a business

 An overview of the simple legalities involved in setting up a business

 How To Choose a Business

Budgeting and Record Keeping

How to write a Marketing Plan and discover low cost advertising methods

How to build your own website for little to no money

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Over 50% of College Grads from 2006-2011 Are Unemployed. 
Find out what is happening in the "Real Work" World 
and what you can do to prepare for it......


Your Instructor For The Business Course

John Hunt, Author & Business Coach

John Hunt is a business person who has a passion to help young entrepreneurs learn the skills necessary to own and operate their own enterprise.  As a home school father of four, he lives the blessing of a home-based business allowing the family to spend more time together.

John Hunt is an Author and Content Creator with Bright Marketing, Inc. a marketing education and publishing company based in Minnesota. He as taught and worked with a variety of clients in a wide range of industries.  Mr. Hunt and his projects have been story subjects in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and several other publications.  He has appeared numerous times on radio and television programs across America speaking on business and marketing.  His past clients have included businesses large and small.

In the past 25+ years Mr. Hunt has served in a variety of roles within the advertising and marketing industry.  He has actively participated in the Advertising Federation, Direct Marketing Association, National Broadcasters Association, National Religious Broadcasters Association, Independent Publishers Association, as well as serving on the board for the National Mail Order Association.  He was also the General Manager of a group of radio stations for Salem Communications, a company that specializes in religious and family programming.

John Hunt and his programs have been featured in:



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